Darknight - 24.04.2007 - The Cave
DJ Evangel

Künstler Titel
The Last Days of Jesus Dead Mans Revolution (Komplette Album)
File not Found men of plastic
the actor seid wir uns kennen
absolute body control is there an exit?
cerian hate love is something strange
charles de goal exposition
alien sex fiend ignore the machine
adult no tears
red zebra cant live in a living room
spizzenergie soldier soldier
killing joke love like blood
sisters of mercy dominion (short)
john foxx underpass
clan of xymox a day
frontline assambly manical
skinny puppy assimilate
nitzer ebb getting closer
spetsnaz apathy
klinik movin your hands
front 242 welcome to paradise
terminal choice without warning
decoded feedback phoenix
combichrist good warrior
suicide commando bind torture and kill
this morn omnia one eyed man
straftanz straftanz ost feat agonoize
agonoize koprolalie
sith snuff machinery
das ich  destilat (VNV Nation)
second decay i hate berlin
wolfsheim sparrow and the nightingales
the creatures terminating angels
diva destruction broken ones
cauda pavonis love like broken glass
the last days of jesus revolution of sickness
placebo infra red
marilyn manson heart shaped glasses
she wants revenge out of control
nine inch nails twist
anne clark our darkness
psycho bitch wake me up
combichrist this shit will fuck you up
suicide commando dein herz meine gier
grendel corroding conscience (feindflug mxi)
snarph reden und atmen
terminal choice totes fleisch
spetsnaz to the core (taktical sekt mix)
nitzer ebb murderous
die krupps & nitzer ebb machineries of joy
front 242 headhunter 1.0
großstadtgeflüster  ich muss gar nichts
welle erdball arbeit adelt
covenant  der leiermann
sone sour 30, 30,  , 50
rest wurde irgendwie nicht aufgeschrieben….. Music by midge…