Alternative & Hardcore Special 02.08.2007
Künstler Titel
My Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade
Marilyn Manson Heart Shaped Glasses
Devidriver revolution machnine
hatebreed destroy everything
stonesour made of scars
caliban my little secret
slayer angel of death
murderdolls dead in hollywood
bullet for my valentine domination
rammstein moskau
shadow reichenstein werewolf order
drowning pool bodies
metallica fuel
sepultura reritorry
crossbreed seasons
kovenant spacemen
tool underath
afi silver and cold
placebo song to say goodbye
garbage i thing paranoid
no doupt hella god
Pixies where is my mind
Smashing pumpkins adore
red hot chilli peppers califonication
system of  down shop suey
soulfly bleed
fear factory linchpin
disturbed down with the sickness
hatebreed never let you die
caliban viscious circle
blood for blood i am the enemy
devildriver nothings wrong
boysetfire requiem
bullet for my valentine suffocation
seses fail calling all cars
billy talent this is how it goes
devilish presley she s not american
placebo drag
spillsbury 2 sekunden
the sounds living in america
etwas halt mich
mia alles neu
billy idol dancing with myself
deep eynde daead alive
grossstadtgeflüster ich muss garnix
michael jackson vs. Nirvana smells like billy jean
prodigy vs. Eyna smack my bitch up
nina inch nails closer
rammstein engel
system of a dawn toxicity
korn falling away from me
caliban goodbye
drowning pool step up
hatebreed 30  30 150
distrubed shout 2000
Marilyn Manson antichrist superstar
AFI The leaving song
the white stripes seven nation army
pil this is not a lovesong
the venus in furs babys on fire
guano apes lords of the boards
placebo days before you came
devilish presley black leather jesus
agnostic front  gota go
underoath writing on the wall
bullet for my valentine hand of blood
sick of it all falling apart
blood for blood waste youth crews
boysetfire on in five
metalica sad but true
böhse onkelz das tier in mir
roxette the look
gerard mc man cry little sister
u2 with or without you